Friday, May 20, 2011

Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots Gallery

It was only a matter of time until someone posted screenshots of the leaked Milestone 1 build of Windows 8. I do not really want to talk morals here, and leave that to Mike who posted arguments against posting screenshots and information about leaks to the Internet (see: Windows 8 Leaks: The Argument Against).
The thing is this: The screenshots have leaked to the web, and you can find them on many respected sites already. Should we, as a Windows 8 News site ignore those screenshots? This would in turn mean that our site would certainly lose a good chunk of traffic since the “other” sites are posting all the new good stuff, while we are not.
One of the few changes seems to be a new disk cleanup option that can now find specific file types or large files in addition to cleaning temporary files or removing installed programs to free up space on the drive. It is now for instance possible to scan for files that are larger than 100 Megabytes or media files such as videos, music or pictures.
Without further ado and discussion, here are the screenshots of the leaked Windows 8 build. We have added them to a gallery. Keep in mind that the build is from September 2010 which means that you will not see many changes when compared to Windows 7.

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